The war on you

By Jaques Des Grotte
The apparent, and often claimed failure of the war on drugs is a matter of intention and perception. If the stated goals of american drug policy are accepted as real, then decades of prohibition, enforcement and incarceration of recreational drug users is a complete failure, a total waste of taxpayer dollars, and directly contributes to the profits of importers and traffickers by creating a pseudo-monopoly, excluding law abiding entrepreneurs from participation.

Why I am not a Victim

By The Wooly Bumblebee
A little over a year ago I was sexually assaulted. I won’t go into details, but I will say it was someone I knew and someone who I had explicitly said no to prior to the assault. It was not pleasant and I felt betrayed by the person who assaulted me. I felt icky for a few days and then moved on.

So how did I manage to move on so quickly without feeling victimized or violated? How is it that I am able to sit here and write about this without it evoking horrible memories or making me feel like less of a person? (continued)

Why Unscripted Videos?

By Justi
The long and the short of it is that I’m not an actor. I’m not a performer. My videos very closely approximate how it is one would find me in a real life face-to-face conversation because, oddly enough, I speak to have conversations. Sitting on camera and reading from a prepared speech is in my estimation in that sense an affectation (continued)

The Vorlon question

By Justi
In no particular order, here are some topics you are likely to see make appearances: atheism, gay issues (to include pornography), mathematics (though this will likely be mostly in relation to mathematics videos I make), arguments that people make which are stupid and need to be roundly thrashed (continued)

Phony heroes and pious compassion

By Jaques Des Grotte
Within the domain of the strictly moderated, apparently safe space in which nearly any deviation from orthodoxy is swiftly punished, “Victim Blaming” is uniquely exploitive and destructive to the actual victim of an assault, a sexual assault or another bad outcome. (continued)

The ultimate victim fantasy

By Esra Ymssik
Follow up discussions [to the Schrödinger’s Rapist fantasy] appear to argue that the onus is on men to assure women they are safe. (Never mind that the vast majority of rapes are committed by someone known to the victim and we’ll just brush those inconvenient male victims aside, it ruins the narrative. What is the narrative? Simply, that men are ALWAYS the perpetrators of rape and women ALWAYS the victims.)

You can’t really argue against the Schrödinger’s Rapist theory because, after all, women are frail creatures and need to be protected at all… Hang on a bloody minute! (continued)

Gillard embarrasses herself, again

By Mr G
If I were a self-made woman, having reached the summit of my career by virtue of my talents and hard work, I imagine I would find Julia Gillard’s recent desperate spectacle simply embarrassing. Although she and her party concede that Mr Slipper did the right thing by resigning in light of his sexist text messages, she apparently takes umbrage at the Opposition Leader for expressing exactly the same sentiments. And why does Gillard’s theatre script read that she has to be enraged by Tony Abbott expressing a point of view that she can’t object to? Because he is, you guessed it, a misogynist. (continued)

Dancing with definitions

By Mr G
Some time ago I dated a woman who considered herself a feminist, with whom I had many, sometimes heated discussions about feminism.

My first question to her was, “Why feminist? Why not egalitarian or humanist?”

She never gave me a straight answer, but as far as I can tell, it amounted to her being strongly attached to the label “feminist” regardless of what it actually means. (continued)

From here, it looks like hate

By Jaques Des Grotte
Who you are is your identity. You cannot easily change this. What you think are your ideas. These change all the time.

This is true for other people too.
People’s ideas and selves are separate. Some people pretend their selves and their ideas are the same. To them, a different opinion is the same as hatred of themselves.

Of course, it is harder defend an idea than to cry out : “you hate me”. (continued)

Let’s get gay-married

By Jaques Des Grotte
There is actually no such thing as gay marriage. Of course most people understand that the phrase simply means conventional marriage as hypothetically practiced by a couple who are gay, or, who have the same type of sexual organs as each other.

Apparently, the prospect of two same-sexed individuals marrying each other is – very frightening. Possibly, it will contribute to global warming? It will drive fuel prices up? What, ruin the property value in your neighbourhood?

No seriously, This is the part I don’t get. (Continued)

Legal Paternal Surrender

By The Wooly Bumblebee
There is currently an ongoing discussion at the Atheism Plus forums. The main issue being discussed is whether or not a man should be allowed to abdicate his parental responsibilities if he does not want to have the child.

The main argument seems to be that, if a woman is allowed to decide whether she wants to keep the child or get an abortion, then the man should also have the same right to choose if he wants to have that child or not as well. But since men cannot force a woman to have an abortion the only recourse men have, if they do not want the child, is to abdicate their parental responsibilities. Some have called it the ‘Male Abortion’, though I personally do not subscribe to that appellation. Opting out of fatherhood. (continued)

Second rate minds

By Mr G
Most of my videos, and consequently most of the traffic to The Critical G on YouTube, concern the vanity project known as “Atheism+”. It is an absorbing topic that has attracted the attentions of many people who were until recently not especially involved in the online atheist community, and one happy consequence of the furore is that diverse people have found a common cause in opposing it.

For example, many male atheists who had innocently believed that they would never incur the wrath of radical feminists have taken an interest in the men’s rights movement; similarly, many girls who had considered themselves feminists are rejecting this label, and are putting lazily held beliefs under a much needed microscope (continued)

Rejected by the mentally ill

By The Wooly Bumblebee
You know, the people over at FTB and Atheism Plus are always whining about how they get bullied by those of us who don’t buy into their irrational bullshit. They constantly moan and complain about being victims, blah blah… It’s truly pathetic.

I must say that these people are good at convincing themselves, and those incapable of any rational thought, that these things are true. That they are the poor little victims of constant bullying and nasty behavior. Yet it was they that pounced on Justin Vacula the minute they heard he was appointed to the position of co-chair for the SCA. (continued)

Occupying misandry

By Limey Westlake
As a sometime reader of the Canadian cultural jamming magazine, Adbusters, I was first made aware of the #occupywallstreet initiative in back in September of 2011. It was on the Skytrain during my morning commute that I saw that iconic poster for the very first time. Half asleep, not yet fully of this world, I was trawling through the Post Anarchism edition (issue 97) [1] when the (now) iconic montage – the one of a ballerina, standing in a graceful, fluid pose, atop Arturo di Modica’s bronze Charging Bull sculpture (continued)

Propaganda from the SPLC

By Nurdydancing
The Line of Fire: The Morris Dees, story is a made for tv movie that debuted on Martin Luther King day in 1991. This film was shown to me as well as my co-workers when our fund-raising firm took on the SPLC as a client.
The film is a retelling of the events surrounding Donald v. United Klans of America and portrays Morris Dees as a compassionate hero, who represented Beulah Mae Donald a grieving single mother whose son was murdered in a senseless hate crime. The film recounts KKK attacks against Mr. Dees in his home, the destruction of his office, and his being forced to employ the services of a body guard to protect his person. Despite the danger he persevered in order to bring justice to Beulah by financially crippling the segment of the KKK responsible for her son’s death. (continued)

Bringing up the draft

By Girl Writes What
Very few MRAs would blame feminism for something that’s been happening throughout most of history, or even lay blame on feminism for being unable to change the situation Pooka. I certainly never have.

Feminists DO, however, get criticized by MRAs for their MARGINALIZATION of the draft and their dismissal of it and other traditional male obligations when offensively speaking about so-called historical “male privilege” and “patriarchy.” So let me try to spell this out for you so we can clear the air a bit. (continued)

What does philosophy matter?

By Jaques Des Grotte
A Philosophical approach, in the context of this site is a practice of inquiry or discussion based on evaluation of what is true, and what exists. It is the practice of beginning from a question, and of consideration of evidence and of reason in pursuit of any answer a question may lead to. For this reason, answers, opinions and conclusions arrived at through philosophical discourse are changeable, rather than fixed. Dogmatic clinging to ideas and opinions in the face of contradictory evidence or reason is incompatible with a philosophical world view. (continued)

What are good men?

By Jaques Des Grotte
The quotation addressing evil’s triumph, and good men’s inaction is usually credited to 18th century Irish philosopher Edmund Burke, often as an item of motivation to political reform. For this purpose it is admirably effective. However, it is also wrong. But it’s not wrong about evil, or about the need to act in opposition to it. Burke’s quote is wrong about good men.

A man – or, framing this in the conventions of 21st century language, a “person” is not good, or evil in any sense separate from their actions. The speech and the actions of an individual do not merely reflect their good or evil quality, the speech and actions of a person /are/ their good or evil quality. Continued..